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Digital Asset Creation Livestream Production Services

Who We Are And What We Do

We are a digital asset producer, and create assets that can be used to create livestream shows and online courses.

Assets like:

  • Virtual backgrounds
  • Custom intro/outro videos and short promos/ads
  • Digital technician & virtual assistant services
  • Custom domain purchase and forwarding
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Custom Designs

  • Business Cards
  • Digital Flyers
  • Speaker Sheets

(Recent Business Design Card Request)

  • e-Books
  • Backgrounds
  • And more...
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QR Code Creations

Music Recording Studio

Virtual Backgrounds

Livestream Production Services

  • Want to focus on engaging your audience fully during a livestream, while someone else toggles the banners, ads, comments and more?

  • Need a intro/outro video or custom commercial/ad?

  • Do you need someone to troubleshoot technical issues prior to show time?

This service is for you!

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commercial / ad


digital tech

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studio setup

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Livestream Basics Class

if you want to...

  1. Learn to create a livestream show from scratch using 3 tools
  2. How to setup your virtual livestream studio
  3. Get suggestions on affordable equipment, to keep costs down, but your show quality great!
  4. And, learn it all in 90 minutes!

This $195 class is for you!

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What Our Clients Say

"When I tell you my digital technician is the truth, Brandy Johnson!!!

Everywhere I go people have been stopping me, flagging me down and waving at me, lol. My car magnet is definitely attracting customers/clients.

People are flagging me down, saying they love money or they need some money wait until you guys see my new business cards! Whew!!!"


Founder JNichole The Money Coach LLC


Email: connect@bpservices.digital



Office address:

6802 Paragon PL, Suite 410

Richmond, VA 23230

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